Friday, March 14, 2014


Advertisements are everywhere. They're in commercials, on the internet, in newspapers, on signs, you can't go anywhere without seeing at least one. I find that McDonalds advertisements stick in my head. Well... not so much the advertisements, just the jingle in the commercials. I believe thats because the commercials are everywhere on TV, so I've heard the catchy tune hundreds of times. While I admit, I like McDonalds, I doubt the jingle sticks in my head because I like the food. There are plenty of great restaurants out there with tons of advertisements, however I can't recall any advertisements for them that stick in my head. The only reason I remember the McDonalds jingle is because I've heard it all my life and because of how catchy it is. Another advertisement that sticks in my head is the chapter 11 furniture store advertisements. The reason those advertisements stick in my head is because of how horrible they are. The person speaking in their adds just sounds so boring. His tone never changes, he never really uses a large variety of words, and he just repeats himself over and over. I don't believe advertisements have a large effect on my personal interests. If I like something, I'll buy it because it interests me. Not because I like the commercial for it. Just because something is advertised in a way that makes it seem amazing doesn't mean I'm going to rush out and waste my money on it. I take a minute and actually think about the produce. I decide if it's actually worth the money. If it is, I'll buy it. If it seems like a waste, then I'll ignore it.

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