Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing Frustration

When I was working on an assignment last week, I was very frustrated by the required length of the story. At first, I had trouble meeting the minimum amount of words I was required to put in the story. I then decided to write about the events that took place several weeks after the part I had already written, since they held some significance to the story. The only issue was, I had to trim the story down so I wouldn't go over the world limit. The fact that I had to trim down the story right after I had been having so much trouble meeting the minimum requirements was quite annoying to say the least. To be honest, shortening stories in general annoys me a lot. I feel very limited when I have to go out of my way to make sure my story isn't too long. A way to fix this is actually brainstorming and really thinking about what to write before I begin a story or an assignment. That way, I don't have to reduce its length by removing parts of it when I am finished.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

So far, my favorite journal entry has been the entry where we were told to write about a certain emotion and a time we had felt that way. I was assigned the emotion anger, I wrote about how I felt when I discovered the results of my retina surgery and how I felt about it. I enjoyed writing about my rage and frustration on the issue because I could make a lot of similes and metaphors regarding anger. Making those are quite easy for me and I enjoy writing them. I also enjoy ranting about my problems, i suppose thats because it's a form of venting my feelings about the whole vision ordeal. If I were to revise and continue the entry, I'd explain how I felt when I was recovering for six weeks or I might continue ranting about how angry my lack of vision has made me over the years. I'd also correct my grammar since I wrote the entry in about ten minutes and didn't have time to fix anything. I believe my sentence structure could use some work and I need to correct some of my punctuation. I'd use more descriptive words in my writing as well. I already use a wide range of different descriptive words in my stories, but there is always room for improvement. Lastly, I'd like to include some dialogue in the entry, since I said several things after the surgery that could help express how I was feeling at the time.